Monday, November 11, 2013

Stop Being a fucking Pussy

Although this blog has a theme around sobriety, in doing so it brings up so much more and in this particular post it’s around commitment.

My last blog post was 1st October when I started ‘Falling Down the Rabbit Hole’. From that moment I committed writing my blog on a regular basis. Well a month on, and I am still firmly at the starting blocks.

Like so many commitments in my life, I was there ready and willing. Shouting from the hill tops that this was my moment and not only had I set myself a challenge to give up drinking for a year, but I was also going to blog about it! 

But, like an all too familiar story in my life, like giving up smoking, getting fit, learning an instrument; I have decided to sabotage the aforementioned commitment, and keep myself firmly down the same hole. 

Why do I do it? Because facing your fears head on is far more terrifying than carrying on as normal, and the only reason I am posting this blog today is because my sweet bro (Si) gave me a piece of his mind. Having procrastinated to him about writing this blog, he sent me a little inspiration and the message is in the title. Thanks dude!